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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we lose any quality when we buy used pallet racking?

Not at all! Our goal is to maximize your dollar value. Equipment is checked for quality and if it does not meet our quality requirements we don't use it. Also, we have a huge inventory to select from. We even have some pallet racks that were installed but never used. If the items need to be repainted we can do that in our own facilities; again saving you money without sacrificing quality.

Do I need to buy my pallet racks from you in order to use your installation services?

No. We gladly install pallet racking systems no matter where you bought it from.

I need non-standard shelving. Can you help me with that?

Not only can we help you; we can save a great deal of money. More often than not we can use in-stock inventory and modify it to meet your needs. Call us and let us show you what we can do.

We are moving our warehouse to a new location. Can you move our racks to the new location?

Yes. Our company buys and sells pallet racking systems so we are quite efficient at dismantling as well as installing. Call us and let us give you a quote.

We have a small warehouse. Do you handle small jobs as well?

Yes we do. We've installed warehouse racks in warehouses as small as 1200 sqft. With over ten acres of used racking, we can supply your needs, however small.

What types of pallet racking do you sell?

One of the services we offer is warehouse liquidation. Chances are we have the pallet racks you are looking for or we can get them. Call us with your needs.

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